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Fusion Physical Therapy is a small, private, outpatient, therapist-owned clinic in the Roswell/Alpharetta area. Fusion is owned by a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist who had a vision to create a place where therapists come to work with a passion for learning, patient care, consistent improvement and fun. Our physical therapists have a combined total of 80 years experience. The therapists work with clients from all levels of abilities ranging from middle school up to senior citizens. Our specialties include:

When you are scheduled at Fusion Physical Therapy, your appointment will be exclusive to you. You will be with your therapist one on one for each treatment session. During each of your treatment sessions your therapist will be continually assessing your condition, adapting your treatment plan, and modifying or progressing your exercise program to facilitate your injury recovery. The therapists collaborate with each other, capitalizing on their backgrounds which include: collegiate level athletics, Ironman coaching and completion, triathlon, cross fit, yoga, massage therapy, marathon running, competitive swimming, gymnastics and rowing. Our therapists also draw on their personal experience with injury/surgery and recovery.